Retirement Plan Oversight Committee (RPOC)

The ECO Retirement Plan Oversight Committee (RPOC) is responsible for all actions and decisions concerning the ECO Retirement Plan provided by Envoy Financial.

Each quarter your RPOC meets to review the plan, its assets, and associated services. As part of the RPOC's oversight duty, we have the authority to make changes to the plan including investment options.

The primary purpose of an RPOC is to not only provide legal protection for the organization but also to increase the value of the organization’s investment in the plan. Good stewardship of the plan through wise oversight and engagement results in three main benefits and increased value: (1) Increased Effectiveness, (2) Increased Efficiency, and (3) High Impact.

Increased Effectiveness:

  1. The Committee's work will help to promote positive outcomes for the plan.
  2. The Committee’s work will result in greater consistency and continuity of messaging, resulting in better understanding and appreciation of the plan.
  3. Over time, measurements of effectiveness can be developed to enhance the ability to evaluate and make changes as indicated.

Increased Efficiency:

  1. A formal process that is conducted consistently is the most efficient and systematic way to increase programmatic value.
  2. The systematic process of review, evaluation, and change can actually happen when a Retirement Plan Oversight Committee is operational.
  3. The time and effort of engagement is reduced by having a regular, consistent process in place. With Envoy Financial supporting the process, ECO’s effort is minimized.
  4. When the internal Plan Administrator leads the process, communication between the Committee and Envoy Financial will be maximized. This open communication will enhance the efficiency of plan operations and take steps to assure that all available services are known and utilized. 

High Impact:

  1. Responsible stewardship of the plan demonstrates to participants that the RPOC understands the Retirement Plan is more than just Investments. It includes the information, education, and encouragement inherent in a plan, and that the RPOC cares about particpants’s retirement and financial needs.
  2. The Retirement Plan Oversight Committee composition brings a variety of points of view to the process. It shows a variety of perspectives, not just of the perspectives of those who are both comfortable and skilled in this area. In other words, it helps to address the needs of the average participant, not just the experienced or knowledgeable participant.
  3. Through the Committee’s review of the process, broader organizational issues will surface and can be brought to the attention of the organizational leadership team.