We are excited to partner with you helping your church staff begin to plan for their own Future.

We are committed to making the retirement plan adoption process both easy and impactful. If you have any questions please contact us at 888.879.1376.



Plan Set-up

Plan Representative Easy Start Guide

An easy-to-follow guide that takes you through the steps to Register and Setup your participation in the ECO 403(b) Retirement Plan.

Click the cover image to access the Plan Representative Guide (PDF format).

Member Sponsor Forms

We have provided PDF versions of the forms your church will need to complete in order to establish your church's participation in the ECO 403(b) Retirement Plan. The forms can be filled out online and then printed for signing.

Click the cover image to access the Member Sponsor Forms (PDF format).

Employee Education


Impact U

ECO has partnered with Envoy Financial in providing valuable education on the biblical perspective of retirement. Log in to your account dashboard to access Impact U, an educational program comprised of four courses that will help you discover your 2 Money Personalities™ and show you how they can impact your relationships and financial well-being.

Start Now

Easy Enrollment and Annual Review

With the easy enrollment tool, you will have the opportunity to prepare for your future funded ministry by making positive retirement planning decisions through a customized plan.


Activate Guide for Participants

An easy-to-follow guide that takes Participants through a new, Christ-centered definition of retirement, how to enroll quickly and efficiently into their retirement plan, how to become engaged in their retirement plan through Impact University, access to a unique Vision Board that will allow them to become excited about their future, and daily inspiration from quotes, thoughts, or scripture. They will also learn how to access their Plan's Summary Plan Description.

Click the cover image to access the Activate Guide (PDF format).