Plan Oversight

Your ECO Retirement Plan Oversight Committee (RPOC) is responsible for all actions and decisions concerning the ECO Retirement Plan administered by Envoy Financial.

Each quarter the RPOC meets to review the plan, its investments, and associated services. The primary purpose of your RPOC is to not only provide legal protection for the denomination but also to increase the value of your church’s investment in the plan. Good stewardship of the plan through wise oversight and engagement results in increased preparedness, greater understanding, successful retirement, and higher value.

The Importance Of Getting Started

Without the proper motivation, opportunity, and support, many will never start or maintain a retirement account. A bolder perspective on retirement can offer greater purpose, excitement, and impact during your last quarter.

For most “retirement” is when you cease working and focus on yourself. However, God never calls us to stop loving and serving others. In fact, retirement can provide you with more time and financial freedom to serve God in new ways. The ECO Retirement Plan offers tools and encouragement to help you both envision and fulfill the future God has chosen for you.


Will you have enough? It all depends on what you do now. Preparation is a process and not just an investment. The ECO Retirement Plan’s easy enrollment, on-demand education, equipping resources, and interactive evaluation tools provide the investment knowledge and confidence you need. Once enrolled, you can review and make changes to your account 24/7.

Learn more about the retirement process and investing by reading “Moving Forward: Putting Your Future Funded Ministry into Motion.” Click here

Transitioning From The PCUSADefined Benefit Plan

As an ordained Presbyterian pastor, your retirement plan was managed by the PCUSA Board of Pensions. The monies contributed to that plan and the benefit that results from it stay in place. Contributions from you and/or your church now go to the ECO 403(b)(9) Defined Contribution plan.

Upon retirement, you will have two or more sources of income: the monies coming to you from the Board of Pensions and the monies from the ECO 403(b)(9) retirement plan. You may also have IRA’s or other investments adding value to your retirement income. Envoy Financial is available to assist you at that time or with pre-retirement planning.


Everyone has the opportunity to invest well. ECO’s Retirement Plan uses open architecture and a unique menu creation/selection process to create and maintain your investment menu. Investment selection is made easy. You have the option of choosing your investments or guided by an exclusive investment analyzer. Your investment menu is reviewed quarterly by the ECO RPOC.

Housing Allowance At Retirement

The Minister’s Housing Allowance is one of the greatest tax benefits available to ministers. As an ordained, licensed, or commissioned minister, you can receive a portion of your compensation as Housing Allowance. That portion is excluded from your gross income and therefore not subject to federal income tax. This represents substantial tax savings for you.

Further, when you retire as an ordained, licensed, or commissioned minister, a portion of your 403(b)(9) retirement plan distribution can be taken as Housing Allowance, providing additional tax savings in retirement. To retain the benefit upon retirement, do not transfer any of these funds to an IRA. This unique benefit enhances the ECO Retirement Plan.

Monies Contributed By You And Your Church

Every ECO church is required to contribute 10% to each “called and installed” minister. Your church may contribute an additional amount. You may also make contributions on a voluntary basis. The current limit for those contributions in 2018 are $18,500 for under 50 and $24,500 for over 50. Please check with Envoy Financial or your tax advisor to determine your exact eligibility.

Calculating Your Retirement Savings

As you plan for retirement, you will want to estimate and review your projected income annually. The income will reflect the results of up to four components added together:

  1. PCUSA Board of Pensions Defined Benefit Monies

  2. ECO Retirement Plan Distributions

  3. Other retirement savings from you or your spouse, including Social Security

  4. Other investments

Retirement For Your Church Staff

Under the ECO Retirement Plan, you are encouraged to include your church staff. The church may make a contribution to the plan, or it can be 100% voluntary. The additional administration effort is small and the rewards are great.

One-On-One Support

The ECO Retirement Plan offers Priority Customer Service through Envoy Financial’s one-on-one support. Your questions will be answered by friendly, faith-based professionals on the first call. In addition, you can use online customer service chat and access the convenient online help center 24/7.